How did we begin?

Well back in June 2013 I (Kat) began testing out a few theories, one of them being whether I could make my own bath bomb. Turned out that I could, and as they say the rest is history! What started as a hobby, quickly progressed into a small but thoroughly enjoyable business. The business has grown substantially and is now a family run business. We expanded from bath and body products into the world of Nail Polish by launching Ard As Nails on 7th August 2015.


Well, from day one ingredients have always been at the top of the list in terms of using the best that we could get our hands on. We learnt along the way and now source the freshest ingredients from local suppliers when we can. All of our ingredients are sourced through UK suppliers. A full list of our Polish Ingredients can be found here


Vegan & Cruelty Free

As the business progressed I continued to listen to Customers and what they wanted. It seems that people are a lot more conscious of what ingredients are in the products they are using and many people wanted to know if things were cruelty free. Legislation banned animal testing some time ago but we worked on tweaking our recipes until we found a solution that meant we were not using ANY animal derived ingredients. Once we had managed to do that we set about getting ourselves registered with PETA and we now proudly ensure that we use Vegan & Vegetarian ingredients only.



Regulations for cosmetics are extremely strict and we have held out licences since 2013. All manufacturing must comply with Regulations (EC) 1223/2009.

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