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Are We Licenced?...

So are we 'legal'? Well not a lot of people are aware but for any Manufacturer, you need to hold a licence in accordance with the EU Regulations.  In the European Union (EU), the manufacture of cosmetics is governed by the EU Cosmetics Regulation ((EC) No. 1223/2009). The EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) and the UK Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations. (Quite a mouthful we know).

The good news is that we hold these licences meaning our products conform to the strict rules and regulations. In addition to our Cosmetic Safety Reports we also hold the relevant liability Insurance (as any decent Company should). 

Frequently Asked Questions...

I have Sensitive Skin, what products can I use?

All of our products are made with the intention of being suitable for sensitive skin. All of the ingredients are on the products however if you have any queries regarding ingredients of sensitivity please contact us and we can help you.

How do we guarantee the quality of the products?

We always purchase the finest oils, butters, waxes and other ingredients from our suppliers. All of our products are produced by hand in small batches in order to ensure the highest quality for our customers. We maintain batch records for everything we make - this gives us the ability to trace the source of the ingredients in any particular batch should we need to. We take pride and pleasure in delivering the very best products to our customers.

Can I cancel my Order?

Should you decide that you wish to cancel your order you can do so any time after placing your order or up to 5 working days after you receive your order. Please contact us at We will ask you to safely return the goods at your own expense and we will then make a refund to you. If the goods are returned part used, incomplete or damaged, we reserve the right to make a pro-rata reduction in the refund offered.

Is my privacy protected?

We are a small company and pride ourselves on protecting our customer’s privacy. We will not sell, disclose or pass on, in any way, customer’s email addresses, nor will we endlessly fill your in-box with pointless emails or your letter box with unwanted mail. If you place an order, we may contact you to clarify details and may, occasionally, email you with information about new products or special offers. If you would like to opt out of receiving emails from us, please let us know.