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  1. Afternoon all. I figured it had been a couple of months and maybe time to say hi. Things have been, as usual, crazy busy and it seems like I am on a never-ending fairground ride. 

    I have worked on a few new polishes lately and have at least 4 new collections in the coming 2 months (crazy I know). A lot of you may have seen the recent images, swatches and poster for the new 'Wake Me Up Before You Glow Jo' collection. This collection has been in the making for over a year and for one reason or another it has been put back.

    Neons are something that you either love or loathe, but I think a universal opinion seems to be they are tricky little buggers to work with. Most of the time people are forced to wear a white base so the colour really pops. Either that, or you spend hours applying what feels like hundreds of layers just to get a decent coverage. I'm hoping that I have finally found a formula that works and is a good middle ground. The latest pigments I am using are SUPER bright and the bset description for them is Day Glow, as they GLOW because they are SO bright. You definitely need sunglasses when checking these swatches. 

    As usual I had the benefit of one of the many wonderful IG Bloggers, swatchers on hand...this time it was Vicky from The Polish List. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I got the thumbs up for the formula. Then the lovely Freya Howden did a little road test to see if the watermarbled (and YAY they did). That ticked off all the things I needed checking. Now it's just a case of making up big batches and getting these little beauties online.

    I'm hoping you all like them, and as usual can't wait to see swatches, nail art and all the wonderfully clever things you nail girls (and boys) do.

    Kat x

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    Morning guys, I figured as the new website gives me the option to add a Blog, I would kick things off with a little about me! So that would be me in the picture with the most adorable dog Dolly (sadly not mine). Many of you may know a little about me already, but for those who don't I figured it's always good to introduce yourself! I'm Kat and I started my little Business Soap-Dodger back in my kitchen back in 2012. However, after just doing things for friends and family I found friends of friends asking me for things and before you know it my business was born. In June 2013 I took the plunge with my first website and expected not a lot more to happen, turned out I was wrong! That day started off my little journey into what has now become a booming business for me, although sadly still not quite the day job but one I love nonetheless.

    The idea behind Soap-Dodger was born from having sensitive skin myself as well as my second love...reading! I was in the bath one day relaxing with a book (that has since become special to me) and was soaking in a bath filled with some special hypo-allergenic creation which cost me an arm and a leg. Sadly after about 5 minutes I felt that sensation where your skin begins to itch and before you know it my relaxing bath turned into me scratching and getting a skin rash on my arms. When I hauled myself out the bath I promised myself I would NOT buy any more over priced rubbish products that claimed to be good for sensitive skin. I continued reading 'that' book when I was out the bath, it was by an author named Lucy Diamond and the main character was making handmade soap. It suddenly dawned on me that was what I needed...natural products! It was like a lightbulb moment, except when I started to Google 'natural bath products' one of the biggest and well known Companies popped up but I was gobsmacked by just how expensive the products were. That was it, I would just have to suffer as I refused to pay £5-6 for one bath product, and as I explained this to my Mum on the phone she just told me "make your own". Of course that was followed by lots of laughing at her as she only produced one creative daughter and that one wasn't me. My Mum, along with a friend persuaded me to try and make something and after much research and some online shopping for ingredients I gave it a shot. I started at around 6pm after work and didn't realise how long I'd been in that kitchen until my husband came home after a night out and asked me what on earth I was doing. I was in my kitchen at midnight surrounded by Bath Bombs and hadn't realised that 6 hours had somehow dissapeared. That was the moment, and since then I just couldn't stop making stuff. My Mum had made me open Pandora's box and I realised that maybe I did have the creative gene somewhere after all. The rest as they say is history and now 4 years on I have a thriving business which I am incredibly proud of.

    The business started to gain momentum and in August 2015 I finally broke out the new venture I had worked on and launched the 'Ard As Nails Indie brand. At this point I went from ticking along nicely to being really busy and my customer base grew massively. The business is continually growing and we are now a true family business with my sister and husband being part of the team. This year will see some new products in the Soap-Dodger range as well as improvement to the current products, as well as launching lots of new polish ranges. I am extremely proud of my little business and so thankful that I have met some great people along the way. The nail industry and community on Instagram is something else and I'm thankful for all the help, support and follows I get from all my Social Media sites. I am hoping to continue to run this blog so I can update customers more about products, specific ingredients and other information on skincare.

    Here's to a fabulous 2017!

    Kat x